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Space Robotics Challenge

The Space Robotics Challenge offers a $1 million prize purse for teams that successfully program a virtual Robonaut 5 robot through a series of complex tasks in a simulated Mars habitat. Credits: NASA


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NASA Announces

The Space Robotics Challenge

Tech Mountain, LLC is always looking for a challenge. The announcement that NASA, in partnership with Space Center Houston, and NineSigma, had opened registration for a new competition -- they deemed The Space Robotics Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to "develop the capabilities of humanoid robots to help astronauts on the journey to Mars." Tech Mountain is supporting the team at GCCTECH in its efforts and has begun reviewing the criteria for the qualifying round which will be held from late September to November, accoring to the NASA website.

The Space Robotics Challenge consists of a $1 million prize for the winning team and is a nice incentive that will hopefully help "push the boundaries of robotic dexterity." According to NASA's website "Teams must program a virtual robot, modeled after NASA’s Robonaut 5 (R5) robot, to complete a series of tasks in a simulation that includes periods of latency to represent communications delay from Earth to Mars."

Meet Valkyrie
NASA JSC's DARPA Robotics Challenge humanoid robot.

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